In this ever-changing world, as well as our face-to-face courses, BKH Training now also delivers remote online safeguarding training courses. Already proving a hit with our clients, these pre-booked courses are interactive, with quizzes and case studies.

Training online has the advantage of being flexible; sessions can be taken anywhere without the need to travel to a training centre. All that is required physically is a suitable electronic device and an internet connection.

The following training sessions are now available with BKH Training Online:

Each of the following online safeguarding training courses are 90 minutes duration.

• Modern Slavery / Trafficking (Children & Adults)

• Honour Based Abuse / Forced Marriage Basic Awareness (with survivor lived experience)

• Honour Based Abuse / Forced Marriage – Advanced (must have completed the Basic Awareness)

• Female Genital Mutilation Basic Awareness

• ‘FGM Working with families’ – Advanced (Basic Awareness would need to be completed before this session with me or another trainer)

• Dynamics of Domestic Abuse / Mental Health / Substance Misuse – TOXIC TRIO

• Dynamics of Domestic Abuse – Impact on Children (Adverse Childhood Experiences / ACEs) 

• Dynamics of Domestic Abuse – Economic Abuse (Financial Abuse)

• DASH Risk Assessment / MARAC (need to have completed one of the Dynamics of Domestic Abuse sessions)

• Child Sexual Exploitation

• Prevent Duty / Radicalisation

• Understanding Substance Misuse / Addiction & Impact on the family

• Mindfulness – how to create a space to recharge

• Drug Use and COVID-19 – Emerging Trends and Challenges

• New Psychoactive Substances (NPS)

• Cannabis – from Skunk to Medicine

BKH Training online safeguarding training courses

We believe that by eliminating the requirement for travel, our online courses (which also help reduce printing) have a lower overall impact on the environment. All our course material is still made available to learners electronically. Our secure online training sessions help with reducing costs for organizations and individuals; with BKH Online Training, our already competitive prices provide even better value for money.

Utilising the internet for improving skills and keeping the knowledge base of employees up-to-date is perhaps the best investment you can make. We believe by making our award-winning training more accessible this way, we can better help your organisation meet personal development goals on time and in full, as we adapt together during these unprecedented times.

You choose when to run the sessions; you can easily run 2 or 3 sessions per day. Discounts apply to those booking multiple sessions.

For further information and pricing, please contact us using the webform Here, or via email at the address below:

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“I was really impressed by the quality of presentation and also the rich conversations. I am about to send out an email to staff at my school feeding back my experience and encouraging them to sign up”