NPS (Psychoactive Substances)

– Emerging Trends & Challenges (1 day) [BKH11]

Over the last few years, new drugs have come onto the market. These substances have, often, been initially unregulated, and have become known as legal highs. The government has introduced The Psychoactive Substances Act in an attempt to deal with this new phenomenon. These changes in the market and the law have caused a lot of confusion for young people, parents and professionals.

This session aims to examine this area of drug use and understand the implications of new psychoactive substances. It is designed for professionals who are curious about “legal highs” and want to understand the implications of their use.

The objectives of this course include the following:

• Consider the implications of new developments in drug use

• Consider the implications of policy responses to new psychoactive drugs

• Name and categorise a range of research chemicals currently being used

• State the main effects and possible complications arising from the use of research chemicals

• Have had an opportunity to discuss possible treatment and harm reduction interventions and why these substances may be attractive to young people.

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