Breast Flattening / Breast Ironing Training Course


Breast Flattening/Ironing is child abuse and therefore should be dealt with as part of existing child protection structures, policies and procedures.  It is the process during which young pubescent girls’ breasts are ironed, massaged, flattened and/or pounded down over a period of time, sometimes years, in order for the breasts to disappear or delay the development of the breast entirely.

The objectives of this course include the following:

• To enable individuals to understand why Breast Flattening / Ironing happens and potential community issues

• To explore the impact on health of Breast Flattening / Ironing on victims, including children – Survivor Stories

• To identify risk indicators of Breast Flattening / Ironing

• Assessing and managing risk to increase safety of victims and children

• To understand the Safeguarding referral process

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