Spiritual Abuse & Ritualistic Abuse (Abuse linked to Accusations of Witchcraft / Spirit Possession / Faith)

90-minute awareness, half day (engaging, activity led and interactive), or full day (immersive learning experience, with real-time scenarios).

**This course is CPD Accredited **

The course brings greater awareness and understanding to abuse that takes place here in the UK, affecting thousands of people every year, delivered by a leading expert in the area.

The objectives of this course include:

• History of this abuse and how it manifests

• Cultural awareness of beliefs, superstitions and spirituality

• Effective communication in managing a report or disclosure of this abuse, and to be confident in your approach when potentially having to challenge beliefs where they are harmful to others

• Successful case studies of proven techniques by the course facilitator who has over 20 years successful safeguarding investigation experience

• Unique developed techniques to help those who have been abused and safeguard them from further abuse

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